Wrangler Grand Cherokee

Textar Brake Discs And Pads Before Jeep Cherokee Xj Grand Wrangle

Textar Brake Discs And Pads Before Jeep Cherokee Xj Grand Wrangle
Textar Brake Discs And Pads Before Jeep Cherokee Xj Grand Wrangle
Textar Brake Discs And Pads Before Jeep Cherokee Xj Grand Wrangle

Textar Brake Discs And Pads Before Jeep Cherokee Xj Grand Wrangle    Textar Brake Discs And Pads Before Jeep Cherokee Xj Grand Wrangle

Textar brake discs + pads before jeep Cherokee xj large wrangle. This product page has been automatically translated. If you have questions, feel free to contact us.

Textar brake discs + brake pads before Jeep Grand Cherokee Cherokee xj wrangle. Two brake discs 4 textar brake pads. See the technical information and the array of vehicles. Width: 177, height: 54.3, thickness / thickness: 17.2, contact wear warning: not prepared for wear warning indicator, brake system: Kelsey-Hayes: Brake disc type : vented, ø: 280, thickness of the brake disc 24, height: 81.5, drilling plan / number of holes: 05/05, complementary section / additional information 2: without wheel mounting bolt , supplementary / additional information section 2: without wheel hub. Records and brand brake pads textar - which certainly flock together.

Under the brand textar the tmd friction group develops and manufactures brake pads for original equipment and spare parts market in close cooperation with the automotive industry. When developing textar brake pads, brake disc is inevitably included as direct partner friction brake pads in the development process. Textar brake pads and textar brake discs are adjusted so safely, comfort and durability perfectly matched and form an ideal friction pairing. 100% coating against corrosion - maximum braking comfort through optimal selection of coating materials optimized: - improving the aesthetics and appearance of the brake discs z. When using alloy wheels - protection against corrosion: no rusting - immediate availability: no need to remove the protective oil carbon top features: - increased strength - optimized braking behavior: the friction brakes is minimized by a distortion of the reduced disk - more uniform distribution of heat through a better thermal conductivity - resistance to higher temperature assembly: - timesaving using mounting - easy replacement of damaged setscrew this brake assembly suitable for: cherokee jeep cherokee xj wrangler. Note the precision of adjustment. Please check the fit of the items before paying for an order. Once an order has been paid, it is automatically sent to the merchandise reaches you as quickly as possible.

If you are not sure, send us the details of your vehicle before payment so that we can review your order and, if necessary, can change. To check your order, we need kba no. From your vehicle registration document, the chassis number (E number) and the date of first registration. In some cases, more information is needed to reliably identify the replacement part required. Saving supplies such as paper and ink / toner, precious environmental resources are saved.

In addition, you no longer have to worry about storage, classification and search your bill. Please note that it is possible to change the delivery address after the payment because we will release and will send commands directly to shipping. 12.91 - 09.01. Axle mounting location prior to bj.

01.88 - 09.01. Axle mounting location before bj. 10.84 - 09.01. 01.95 - 09.01. From 10.95 to 09.01.

From 10.96 to 09.99. From 10.90 to 09.96. From 10.86 to 09.90. From 10.86 to 09.92.

10.96 - 09.01. Jeep grand cherokee i (z j). 10.96 - 09.98.

08.97 - 04.99. From 10.95 to 04.99. 09.91 - 04.99. 01.92 - 04.99.

09.92 - 04.99. Jeep Wrangler i (yj, sj_). 01.88 - 12.91. From 12.91 to 08.96. 06.98 - 04.07. 11.02 - 04.07. 08.03 - 04.07. June 2 to August 12. 08.96 - 04.07.

Thank you for your interest in our products, your autoteile-preiswert team. Original ate textar chrysler: 4713175. Bremsen ate zimmermann chrysler: 5252531.

Elage Klötze bremsklötze jeep Viasa: 83504371. Kit Set komplett paket satz chrysler: 4713175. Bremsklötze bremssteine ​​jeep Viasa: 83504371. The item \spare \ brake \ complete brake kits \The seller is \This item can be shipped to the following countries: European Union.

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    Textar Brake Discs And Pads Before Jeep Cherokee Xj Grand Wrangle    Textar Brake Discs And Pads Before Jeep Cherokee Xj Grand Wrangle