Wrangler Grand Cherokee

S80 Car Gps Jeep Grand Cherokee, Wrangler And Dodge Journey, Nitro

S80 Car Gps Jeep Grand Cherokee, Wrangler And Dodge Journey, Nitro
S80 Car Gps Jeep Grand Cherokee, Wrangler And Dodge Journey, Nitro
S80 Car Gps Jeep Grand Cherokee, Wrangler And Dodge Journey, Nitro
S80 Car Gps Jeep Grand Cherokee, Wrangler And Dodge Journey, Nitro
S80 Car Gps Jeep Grand Cherokee, Wrangler And Dodge Journey, Nitro
S80 Car Gps Jeep Grand Cherokee, Wrangler And Dodge Journey, Nitro
S80 Car Gps Jeep Grand Cherokee, Wrangler And Dodge Journey, Nitro
S80 Car Gps Jeep Grand Cherokee, Wrangler And Dodge Journey, Nitro

S80 Car Gps Jeep Grand Cherokee, Wrangler And Dodge Journey, Nitro    S80 Car Gps Jeep Grand Cherokee, Wrangler And Dodge Journey, Nitro
Our e-shop remains operational and deliveries are insured in France and Europe. Dongle & carplay android self. Key & Key wifi 3g. Sign up for our newsletter to be informed about our news, discounts !! s80 gps radio Jeep Grand Cherokee, Wrangler and dodge journey, nitro. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge them. Up to 35 discount on.

Installation Support use of an elect. Car gps, bluetooth incorporating the latest technology in multimedia. Designed specifically for your vehicle, this model will fit perfectly in your dashboard. Installation and connection easier thanks to the original connector provided. Find your way easily with its GPS 3D function while quietly listening to the radio or audio content through its various media, namely USB, SD card or its cd dvd player.

All these media also allow play video content. Its Bluetooth will allow you to receive calls safely without any action on your phone. The radio is capable to recover all your contacts and call log, it also has a keypad and buttons get hung up. You can also listen to your favorite music from your smartphone through the car stereo via the audio streaming function (Bluetooth). This unit is of course equipped with RDS radio but also on the mirror link function, reversing camera, dvr camera and other features to discover in the detailed description.

Indication of compatibility of this unit with your vehicle. Jeep Grand Cherokee since 2008. Jeep Wrangler 2007 2008 Dodge journey since 2007. Compatible with Boston or infinity amplifier.

This picture list (s) is not necessarily all Origin models. Contact us in case of doubt or if your device appears below. Car gps, bluetooth and multimedia. Enjoy system Windows CE and its simple interface and intuitive fluid through the screen HD 800x480 pixels and capacitive touch screen.

All managed by a p. Rocesseur mtk3360 800 mhz CPU, dual core and 256 MB of RAM (which is very high for a windows system). You have no sense of direction, you travel it's good, the 3d europe maps are provided. You can easily find your destination, your favorite places, restaurants, bank machines, airports, stations and more .. The GPS app integrates all functions such as: the danger zones, buildings in 3D in big cities , relief, all signage and panel, view the junctions (for junctions, junctions and branches), directional signs with the names of cities and more.

Dual zone function to use the GPS along with the radio or other audio and video content. The sound of the gps takes priority over the other functions except bluetooth. Full bluetooth: send / receive calls through the car radio. Access your phonebook and call log, dial numbers, lift hang (compatible steering wheel). When a call is received or transmitted sound from Bluetooth automatically takes priority over other functions including the GPS function. AD2P: listen via bluetooth music stored on your smartphone or music player equipped with bluetooth. External microphone for quality conversations (there is no microphone in front of the camera).

Do not forget the radio function. Basic function with 18 presets possible, you can save your favorite radio stations and track throughout your journey through rds. The station name appears in the center (over frequency) and the preset. Search auto, semi auto manual or directly enter the frequency.

Integrates functions pty, ta, dx / loc, stereo and auto scan. You can also set the FM reception sensitivity in the radio settings. Multimedia reading materials and easy management. The driving experience becomes different with multimedia all in one. Play your music, watch videos and photos through various media.

The USB key drive and memory card supporting a maximum capacity of 32GB each cd and dvd player allows you to play audio, video (up to 1080p full hd) and picture. All supports reading most audio formats mp3, wma, aac, flac etc ... So that the majority of video formats AVI, MPEG 1 2 3, h264, h263, vc, rv, rmvb, VP8, avs stream and more .. player cd dvd and video full hD 1080p. Copy the contents of your CDs on USB memory or SD card. Equalizer 10-band pre-amp 4x45 watts. Customize the sound to your preference. Processing digital audio thanks to its processor's DSP. Stay tuned using a key 3g. You can connect by plugging a key 3g usb modem (not supplied).

Duplicate your content with the mirror link. View the screen of your smartphone or other device (android) on the screen of the radio, through the mirror link function.

The sound can be sent to the speaker of the vehicle thanks to the A2DP Bluetooth function. The mirror link works only cable and control of the android device connected is via the touchscreen of the radio! Only compatible with android between 4.2 and 5.1. Capture your adventures and journeys with the camera dvr. Plug one of our DVR cameras (not included) also called dash cam and record your every move and travel. The recordings will be stored in the device memory and can be viewed at any time. Camera available in our shop. Manuvrez safely using the function rearview camera. The device allows you to connect and manage a backup camera (camera not included). The display of the camera is automatic when changing from reverse. Control the device with your steering wheel controls. Control the volume from your steering wheel controls. Keep as other functions such as pick up, hang, forward, backward (depending on your position). Tpms pressure sensor and tire temperature. After connecting the central (not supplied) and the sensors on the valves (not supplied), you can monitor the temperature and pressure of your tires. If the temperature or the pressure exceeds the min and max value preset beforehand, an alarm will sound on the center.

Kit available in our shop. Function link apple iphone ipod ipad. Connect your iPhone or iPod to the car radio and control all audio from Apple via the radio touchscreen.

Can also charge the iPod / iPhone. Displays albums, titles, jacket, playlist etc ...

New: thanks to our optional USB dongle (sold in our shop) you can connect your iphone or android smartphone and use carplay or android car directly on the screen of the car stereo. Features: mirror link, gps 3d europe, apple iphone link iPod-, radio rds, cd copy to USB SD, cd dvd player, usb -sd (32 gb max), 3g / 4g, dual zone, external wifi, reversing camera (not included), carplay & android auto (optional). Bluetooth: call, réperoire, call log, digital keyboard, hfp. Bluetooth audio streaming: music a2dp, controlled by the steering wheel (avrcp). Micro bluetooth: micro additional external input, external microphone, no micro facade. Processor: 800 MHz dual core mt3360 a11. Screen Resolution: 800 x 480 hd player 4g: no.

Compatible original amplifier: contact us. Recovery original rearview camera: contact us. Decoder electronic box for steering commands and other functions related to the vehicle (depending on model). Radio antenna adapter (different depending on the model).

4 outputs audio rca, 1 rca input video and two audio inputs (L and R), 1 subwoofer output, one input rca rearview camera, 1 RCA video. 2 USB ports: one at the front (depending on the model, see photo) and 1 or 2 (depending on model) at the rear of the apparatus in the form of 1m each cable. (See photo of the device). 1 SD card slot or micro SD (depending on model, see photo) on the front. 1 SD card port or Micro SD gps front (depending on model, see photo). External microphone (depending on model). Remote control (for s80 models). No remote for other models (picture no contractual). Link to the GPS software and map 3d europe (SD card not included). Translation & manuals downloadable guides on request. We do not provide installation instructions, hardware is fairly simple to install (the original connector supplied) if you do not know install hardware through a professional. You can contact us for usage and installation tips. Videos of dismantling the original car audio available on youtube. Replacement or repair of any goods to be defective in material or workmanship and this for a period of 2 years (24 months) from the date of receipt of the equipment. During the warranty period, the cost of returning the equipment to the customer are the responsibility of electro-navi.

The product for exchange or repair must be returned either in its original packaging or similar packaging with a degree of protection equal to the original packaging, accompanied by the purchase invoice. We will return the repaired or replaced product our expense. And transport costs remains at the customer. (Room = more expensive motherboard 75 at cost).

Our packages are shipped from the manufacturer. Once shipped your package will reach you in about 3-4 business days by DHL or TNT Express. Reliable devices without compromise, we only work with the best manufacturers in the market (which has existed for over 15 years). We test and feel our products to offer the best and cheapest. We have over 10 years experience in the field.

The prices of our products are the best alternative to original equipment (up to 4x - expensive) and without any compromise on quality. Over 10 years of partnership with manufacturers, we were able to negotiate to bring you the best rates also including expertise and sav. A customer service expert, responsive and efficient. Assistance if needed on installation or use (more than 10 years experience). A list of contact information for installers in France (in the installer class). In case of failure we conduct an exchange or repair. A technician will assist you throughout the process. If our products were sent from leurope our price would be 20% more expensive. You can compare the same device with the same characteristics, sold by outside Europe or in China companies, you will see that there is no great difference in price and almost non-existent service. 2 year warranty (extendable to 5 years).

In case of breakdown or malfunction in France, Europe and worldwide. (Over 10 years of experience).

On install and use the device. Service before and after sales. To advise and assist you.

We sell these devices for over 10 years and working with. (Over 15 years dexistence) so you have the assurance of having the equipment. You will not have these services by buying from dune company outside Europe or in China.

And you will take the risk of losing your money: in case of failure, malfunction, installation difficulty, difficulty of use or incompatibility of equipment you will very rarely a response from the seller and you will have no recourse. In electro-navi (gps-Access® partner) you buy smart and buy serene! Our prices are calculated at the lowest to offer you the best rates. The item \gps \ multimedia embedded \ main units stereo systems.

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    S80 Car Gps Jeep Grand Cherokee, Wrangler And Dodge Journey, Nitro    S80 Car Gps Jeep Grand Cherokee, Wrangler And Dodge Journey, Nitro